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ESP8266, ESP-01, ESP-12, ESPlorer, AT firmware, NodeMCU firmware, ESP8266Basic firmware, Adapter, FTDI cable, 

I have pretty much stopped work on this project in favour of using Bluetooth LE modules. I did look at ESP8266 WiFi modules but have now decided on Laird BL652 modules. See my Bluetooth LE  page.

Decided to dabble with an IoT (Internet of Things) IC module (ESP8266-01). More and more gadgets are now being hooked up to the internet. This device I am playing with can be used for remote door locks, TV remote, garage door remote, remote gate alarm... the possibilities are endless. You can use your smart phone for control or simply use a switch to link to a gadget. 

ESP-01 Module with ESP8266 IC and Flash memory IC:



Adapter Schematic:



Rough adapter PCB layout to gauge size for veroboard construction:



Various modules for breadboard testing:



Breadboard up and running:



2 November 2016

Decided to have a dabble with the ESP8266 IoT (Internet of Things) which uses WiFi (2.4GHz) for remote control.

Looks like very low cost - ESP-01 module - NZ$9.00 from local suppliers.

ESP-01 module has 1 to 4 GPIO lines to play with depending on module configuration.

Very low power sleep mode  3.3V at 10uA - good for standby in battery applications.

Can draw up to 250mA so needs a fairly robust power feed during transmission.

Comes with built in Hayes Modem AT commands so can be got up and running fairly easily.

Plenty of options for programming available - ESPlorer, NodeMCU firmware using Lua language, ZBasic, Arduino and C.....

More than 12 variants of modules depending how serious you want to get - ESP-01 to ESP-12 and more...


3 November 2016

Created adapter schematic.

Created PCB layour as a guide for veroboard construction.

Created web site.

Ordered some components.

Looked around web to see what other people were up to with the ESP-01.


4 November 2016

Made a few adapter modules for testing the ESP-01 testing.

Played with Flash programming the ESP-o1.

Made a program to flash the breadboard LEDs.